On the 28th of April, 2015, the Trust held a dinner for Visiting Professors and for Post - Docs present in Israel.

Mr. Harry Bloomfield, Chairman of the Eldee Foundation, responsible for setting up the Trust 41 years ago, kindly graced the occasion.

Prof. Esty Shohami, General Secretary of the Trust, and Prof. Oron Shagrir, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, and ex officio Head of the Academic Committee that chose the Fellows, addressed the meeting.  Prof. Ehud de Shalit, representative for the Faculty of Science on the Academic Committee, and his wife Nava also attended.  

During the dinner, each Fellow was introduced and gave a short account of the courses they were teaching and/or the research they were pursuing.

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    • Shigeki Inoue (Post-Doc, Physics) and his wife Rieko.

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    • Prof. Ehud de Shalit and Nava with Uriya First (Post-Doc, Mathematics).

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    • Helena Migalovich (Post-Doc, Medicine) and Peter.

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    • L to R - Prof. Esty Shohami, Joan Fallon, Steve Fallon (VP, English Literature) and Marilyn Stern (VP, Psychology).

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    • Priayanka and Bibhas Mahji (Post-Doc, Physics) and Debbie Yakobian.

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    • Fabiola Martinez and Kevin Ingram (VP, Spanish Studies).

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    • Sitting down to Dinner.

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    • Sharon Waichmann (Post-Doc, Chemistry) addresses the guests.

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    • Listening to a Fellow.

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    • Japan and India collaborate with Israel in Physics.

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    • Getting to know each other.

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    • Getting to know each other.

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    • Eugene Kontorovich (VP, Law), Harry Bloomfield and Esty Shohami.

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    • Yuval Peretz (Post-Doc, Agriculture) address the Fellows.

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    • Listening to a Fellow.