How To Locate a Sponsor
The following list is designed to help you locate an academic sponsor. Please e-mail the Head of the relevant  academic unit and specify, as briefly as possible, the area of your research. He/she will forward your request  to the appropriate Faculty Member for consideration.

You could alternatively surf the Hebrew University site and use the research engines provided to locate academic units and/or sponsors.  Click here for direct  access to the Hebrew University site.

Faculty of Humanities

Archaeology, Prof. Uzi Leibner,

Asian & African Studies, Prof. Michal Biran,

Jewish Studies, Prof. Noah Hacham,

Institute of Literatures, Prof. Ilana Pardes,

Language Science, Philosophy and Cognitive Science, Prof. Daniel Attas,

Arts, Prof. Gal Ventura,

History, Prof. Miriam Frenkel,

School of Education, Prof. Adam Lefstein,



Faculty of Social Sciences

Economics, Prof. Eric Gould,

Geography, Prof. Itay Fishhendler,

International Relations, Prof. Yoram Haftel,

Political Science, Prof. Dan Avnon,

Psychology, Prof. Maya Tamir,

Sociology & Anthropology, Prof. Michal Frenkel,

Statistics, Prof. Micha Mandel,

Communication & Journalism, Prof. Paul Frosh,

Public Policy & Government, Dr. Raanan Sulitzeanu-Kenan,



Center for Brain Sciences, Director, Israel (Eli) Nelken,

School of Social Work, Prof. Asher Ben-Arieh,

School of Bus. Admin., Prof. Nicole Adler,

Faculty of Law, Prof. Tomer Broude,


Faculty of Science

Life Sciences, Prof. Guy Bloch,

Earth Sciences, Prof. Ari Matmon,

Physics, Prof. Nadav Katz,

Applied Physics, Prof. Yossi Paltiel,

Mathematics, Prof. Jake Solomon,

Chemistry, Prof. Shlomo Yitzchaik,


School of Computer Science & Engineering, Prof. Noam Nisan,                                       

Faculty of Medicine, Dean:  Prof. Dina Ben-Yehuda,

Faculty of Dentistry, Dean: Prof. Avraham Zini,

Faculty of Agriculture, Dean: Prof. Saul Burdman,

*School of Pharmacy -  If you are applying to the School of Pharmacy please channel your application through the Faculty of Medicine.

*School of Veterinary Science -  If you are applying to the School of Veterinary Medicine please channel your application through the Faculty of Agriculture.