Fellowships - Visiting Professors
91 center of campus

Visits are for two months to a year during the Academic Year at the Technion. The monthly salaries are (a minimum of) U.S. $2,500 (professor) and U.S. $2,100 (associate professor). Payments are made in Israeli Shekels and linked to the representative rate of exchange. Visitors are entitled to one airline ticket (Apex or similar kind of ticket) for a direct flight from their home town to Israel and back. Israel has double-taxation agreements with the U.S., Canada, G.B., Austria, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Finland, France, Singapore and the Scandinavian countries, avoiding double taxation. Citizens of other countries pay minimal taxes on their salary.

How to apply

Check with the list of subjects of the Departments of Technion (under General Information) if one of them suits your area of interest. Send C.V. to:

Dean of the Department of...
Technion, I.I.T., Technion City,
Haifa, 32000, Israel.

Deadline for application - November 30, for the Academic Year thereafter.

Additional information can be obtained from:

Ayellet Katalan
Technion, I.I.T, Technion City,
Haifa, 32000, Israel.